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Jo Potter Pushes Boundaries With Acoustic And Electric New Release “Rocks”

Jo Potter Pushes Boundaries With Acoustic And Electric New Release "Rocks"

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE (Top40 Charts) Jo Potter breaks the mold with her electrifying new EP, “Rocks,” out now on all streaming platforms. This six-track collection explores a unique sonic territory, seamlessly blending elements of country, folk, and rock.

“Rocks” marks a departure from Jo’s usual approach. Three of the EP’s songs – “Whiskey Haze,” “Desire,” and “Troubled” – receive a double-feature treatment. Each track opens with an acoustic version, showcasing Jo’s raw, powerful vocals intertwined with the intimacy of an acoustic guitar. These stripped-down renditions seamlessly transition into “Electric” versions, where electrifying guitar riffs amplify Jo’s passionate delivery, injecting a whole new level of energy and grit.
“I wanted to push boundaries and offer something fresh,” explains Jo. “As an artist, I’m drawn to both the vulnerability of acoustic and the power of electric music. Releasing two versions felt like the perfect way to explore both sides and connect with fans who share that love.”

“Rocks” delivers a complete listening experience, weaving relatable and heartfelt lyrics with Jo’s signature sonic blend. This innovative EP is sure to captivate listeners and establish Jo as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Jo Potter is a captivating singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has carved her niche in the music industry. Drawn to music from a young age (performing at 3, writing songs by 15), Jo has blossomed into a versatile artist with a loyal following.

Her musical prowess extends beyond vocals. While classically trained in flute, she’s self-taught on piano and guitar, constantly pushing boundaries and honing her skills. This dedication translates to her sound – a captivating blend of rawness, soulful vulnerability, and undeniable energy.

Jo’s critically acclaimed discography showcases her artistic evolution. Her latest album, “Tonight” (2019), garnered praise as a masterpiece, with the title track charting on the Billboard Top 40 Indicator. Sophomore album “Saved” received similar acclaim, while her debut single, “Valentine’s Day Song” from “8 Circles,” dominated radio charts.

Jo’s music isn’t confined to a single genre. She effortlessly navigates between fully produced band sounds and stripped-down acoustic versions, always seeking fresh and innovative ways to express herself. This artistic exploration has led her to perform on prestigious stages worldwide, like the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Elite Concert Series, even opening for the GoGo’s.
Jo Potter is an artist on a continuous journey, captivating audiences with her talent, devotion, and unwavering passion for music.