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Wiz Khalifa Fans Hail Return Of ‘Old Wiz’ As He Jumps On Veeze’s ‘Not A Drill’: Listen

Wiz Khalifa has dropped a freestyle over DX Rising Star Veeze’s “Not a Drill,” tapping into some flows that have fans hailing the return of “Old Wiz.”

On the track, which was released on Monday (January 22), the “Black and Yellow” rapper cues up some classic bars about his favorite topic: weed.


He spits: “Smoke a whole pound of weed so I’m always paranoid/ Walk up on a grown man treat him like a little boy/ What I’m smokin’ on is loud, what you smoke ain’t making noise.”

Check out the video for the track below.

The song sparked a flood of enthusiastic responses comparing Wiz’s raps to his early fan-favorite material.

One user commented on the rapper’s Instagram post: “Gettin some Old Wiz Vibes here,” while another said: “This reminds me of old Wiz, the auto-tune and everything. Flight School days.”


A third person said: “Prince of the city vibes on this one,” referencing his 2006 mixtape.

While Wiz Khalifa kept fans fed with three projects in 2023 — See Ya, Khali Sober and Decisions — the Pittsburgh native recently made headlines for reasons beyond his musical output.


Earlier this month, Wiz responded to the chatter surrounding a viral video of him blowing marijuana smoke into another man’s face at close range.

The Taylor Gang honcho was the talk of the internet for a few days thanks to the clip, and Wiz addressed the critics in a video posted to social media last week.

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“I love how y’all keep posting shit about me,” he began. “That just boosts my confidence actually. I’m not doing nothing on purpose but y’all keep talking about me, y’all keep watching my page, y’all keep me on y’all’s sites to get clicks and get engagement.

“Shit don’t exist unless y’all talking about me. I don’t even got no shape-up, I got a little thing on my head and I still look better. I still feel better.”


Wiz continued to brush off the haters, saying: “I can still do whatever the hell I want and I don’t need any of that extra stuff everybody needs to be themselves. I’m clearly just being myself. Clearly just enjoying myself and having a good time and y’all’s day revolves around that.”

The clip in question was posted to Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram Stories and showed him blowing smoke into a friend’s mouth and nose while he was slumped in a chair asleep during a studio session.


After being ambushed by the cloud of smoke, the man woke up in a third dimension and required a few moments to seemingly figure out where he was as onlookers laughed hysterically in the background.