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Warren G Celebrates Debut’s 30th By Declaring June 7 ‘Regulate… G Funk Era’ Day

Warren G‘s impact on the Hip Hop world has never been in doubt, and now he’s about to commemorate his landmark debut album and its iconic title track with a big celebration.

The “Regulate” rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday (January 23) to announce that June 7 will be considered “Regulate… G Funk Era Day,” a hat-tip to his debut studio album, which dropped on June 7, 1994.


“You know what, it’s been 30 years of ‘Regulate’ and Regulate The G Funk Era [sic],” he wrote. “With that being said, June 7, 2024, will be documented as ‘Regulate The G Funk Era Day!’ So, you know it’s going to be a party. Mount up! Fool.”

In the caption, Warren G informed his followers that the event would be catered by Sniffin Griffins BBQ, which is the rapper’s company serving BBQ sauces and rubs. Check out the announcement below.

While Warren G was an influential part of 1990s West Coast Hip Hop, he’s had some disagreements with one of its more important figureheads, Suge Knight.

On the debut episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records head honcho brought up a Drink Champs interview from late August in which Warren G said he “was gonna try to bail [2Pac] out” of jail in 1995 but “got beat to the punch.”

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“Warren G, best stop lying — you didn’t fuck with Pac and Pac didn’t fuck with you,” Knight said in response to the above claim. “On top of that, you couldn’t take care of yourself, how were you gonna get Pac out of prison? Everybody, all of a sudden, they want to get Pac out of prison …”

Responding to HipHopDX’s article about the above criticism in the comments section of its Instagram, the Long Beach legend re-emphasized what he had previously said on the matter.


“It’s simple he beat me to the punch,” he wrote in a since-deleted comment. “I don’t have nothing against @officialsugeknight but don’t try to say how I was living I made him a lot of $ period Snoop, Dazz, Kurup, RBX, Natedogg, came through me.”

In a follow-up reply that has also been removed, he added: “Lol Suge is a funny guy. I wasn’t on Deathrow I was on Def Jam with the biggest hip hop single & a lot of $ I didn’t get a monthly salary I was buying 600 Benzes & houses taking care of family. so you ask who could take care of what.”