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Singer/Songwriter Joe McGowan To Release New Single And Video “Silhouettes” On Febuary 14, 2024

Singer/Songwriter Joe McGowan To Release New Single And Video "Silhouettes" On Febuary 14, 2024

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Americana singer/songwriter Joe McGowan announces the release of the latest single and video “Silhouettes” from his upcoming album, The Good Life, on February 14, 2024.
Silhouettes” is a powerful ballad that showcases McGowan’s soaring vocals. It was written about a major breakup Joe went through. “I tried to use this song as a way of healing,” McGowan explains. “It helped me to let go and move forward, even when things got a little messy. Music is a form of healing for me, and I want to tell my stories in the hope the songs can help others heal as well.”
“And I’ll remember to forget/To surrender to the shadows of a darkened silhouette.”

Dark and moody, the video perfectly captures the essence of the song, with brilliantly, clever visual representations of silhouettes and shadows, all captured on a canvas of vulnerability and weathered innocence. “This song conceptualizes my process in moving forward after a breakup, symbolically likening the relationship to a silhouette, which is essentially a shadow of a person. The stark contrast of darkness and light emblematically describes my journey through the process of grieving.

Echoes of early Elton John, Billy Joel and Ray Charles undeniably permeate McGowan’s music; however, melodic piano motifs draw from his early classical inspiration – specifically Rachmaninoff and Chopin – and a deep love for John Williams’ movie scores. “Those are melodically engraved on my heart because of the memories they evoke.”

Previously, McGowan released his debut Americana album Dirt Road Revival in 2016 under his own independent label. He is also a talented and successful Moh’s surgeon (dermatology/oncology). “I’m a fixer, so it made sense that surgery was my niche.” When asked about his day job, McGowan admits, “I guess I always wanted to heal and help others. I felt a natural calling to be a doctor.”
“What I didn’t realize back then was that music would be the medicine that would enable me to heal myself.”
The Good Life full album is set for a summer 2024 release.