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Rick Ross Gives ‘Boss’ Advice On How To Finesse Airlines: ‘I’m Giving Y’all Game’

Rick Ross has a go-to move that he claims always work for those who need to switch out their commercial flight’s ticket for a later departure.

On Monday (January 22), the Miami native took to his Instagram Stories to reveal a trick that might be a secret to many of his fans when it comes to altering plans last minute.


“If you ever need to change your flight, listen — this how you do it,” the 47-year-old began. “Call Delta, it’s been a medical emergency. What’s the best medical emergency? Asthma attack.”

He then proceeded to act out how he would make the phone call back when he didn’t travel by private jet, pretending to cough and wheeze as he made the seemingly desperately request.

Last year, the “Aston Martin Music” hitmaker bought his own private jet, which has been emblazoned with his name and the logo of his record company, Maybach Music Group.

In clips posted to social media, he gave his followers a tour of the jet and said: “Who wanna go ’round the world with Ricky Rozay? Let’s take our hustle around the world, not just in the US — Africa, what’s up? Greece, what’s up?”

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“This is my first jet I ever bought,” he continued. “Don’t you ever stop chasing your dreams. Don’t you ever let nobody tell you what you worth. Don’t you ever accept that.”

Rozay has always had a taste for fine machines, which is evident from his car collection that includes over 100 vehicles. He has put on a car and bike show at his estate in Georgia every year.


The 2023 show took place in June and featured appearances from Diddy, Tyler, The Creator, Meek Mill and 2 Chainz. The event also featured hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry giveaways, with Ross getting custom Rolls Royce-inspired items made for the show.