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Meek Mill Defiantly Acknowledges Anniversary Of 2007 Arrest: ‘Them Cops Lied On Me’

Meek Mill has come a long way since catching his 2007 case that started his battles with the legal system that would follow him for over a decade.

Taking to Twitter/X on the 17th anniversary of the fateful day his legal trials began, Meek called out the cops for lying and reflected on the scenario.


“January 23rd I caught this case I got charged for pointed a gun at a cop and selling crack,” he wrote with a photo the mugshot that he would later use as his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape cover.

“I was just walking to the store with with a gun to protect my one life in a dangerous hood! Them cops lied on me and karma is repaying me! Be a good person you gone prosper! I did not sell or have crack on me! I only sold crack a few weeks when I was flat broke.”


He continued: “I was selling weed to the people who sold crack that had the big stacks of cash! The same weed trapping they doing nowadays! But paying 6k a pound for haze at 17 crazy lol.

“I never sold heroin in my life that shit killed one of my favorite aunts! Like a a few weeks b4 Christmas if I’m not mistaken… it’s a million ways to get this cash I would never sell that knowing the effect of that! Shit killed my cousin ‘mom’ my we cried for months!”

In 2007, cops obtained a warrant to search Meek Mill’s home after a member of Philadelphia’s Narcotics Field Unit claimed to have seen him sell crack to an informant. Upon searching his place, they arrested him in the aforementioned scenario while he was walking to the corner store.

Meek was arrested and charged with attempted or aggravated assault against a police officer after two cops gave a statement against him in the case, saying he chased them down with a gun and tried to shoot one of them. He was then placed on probation and did a few months in county prison.

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The following year, the case went before the court and Meek was convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia and second-degree possession of a loaded firearm by a convicted felon. He was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison, followed by eight years probation, but was released after seven months in early 2009 under a five-year parole agreement.

The same judge who initially sentenced him, Judge Genece Brinkley, continued to oversee Meek’s case throughout the duration of his probation – and would often take away his travel privileges or even send him back to prison for seemingly minor infractions over the years, including riding a bike without a helmet.


In December 2022, she was was accused of ethical misconduct. In January 2023, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf pardoned Meek Mill for all of his convictions.