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Kanye West Gets Into Heated Exchange With Fan After They Urge Him To ‘Be The Old Ye’

Kanye West got into an argument with a fan this week after they urged him to return to his roots and “be the old Ye.”

A fan named Tyg Savage took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday (January 23) to share screenshots of a heated exchange he had with Ye after the rapper jumped into his direct messages.


Kanye was responding to Savage commenting “go back to Jesus Ye” on a recent video he posted on Instagram of his wife Bianca Censori.

“N-gga, you can’t tell me what to do on my page,” Ye fired back in the fan’s DMs. “Unfollow if you don’t like it.”


Savage responded: “I love your music and the old you. It has inspired me my friends and many other people out there in this world. Pls don’t change because people want to. Be the old Ye I used to love. Thanks.”

West replied by saying he sounded “insane” and told him to “go listen to the old Ye” if that’s the music he wants to hear.


“I’m a 46-year-old grown ass man. Go make some kids if you wanna have somebody you can tell what to do,” he added.

“Fuck you and every single person trying to tell me who I need to be, what I need to post, what I need to focus on, who I can vote on, what type of music I should make, what kind of clothes I should wear.”

See the exchange below.

Ain’t no way😭😭😭
byu/Sea-Fondant-6669 inKanye

This isn’t the only confrontation Kanye West has been involved in lately. Earlier this week, the Yeezy mogul was were accosted by an angry stranger while out in Los Angeles with his wife.

In footage of the moment, Ye and Censori could be seen walking across a car park when a man begins hurling insults at the rapper.

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“You trying to copy the White folks so fucking bad. You ain’t shit, boy! He thinks he’s so smart, so new, so nifty. And Playboi Carti, too. A little fuckboy. I am a god. Lucifer, homie,” he yelled in his incoherent rant.

He continued: “I ain’t no Kid Cudi. I ain’t Cudi, dawg. I am the realest, boy. Not Hov, not you. I ain’t Lupe Fiasco. I ain’t Mos Def, dawg. I am the one, boy. This is my fucking block. I am homeless 12 years, Ye. I ain’t listened since ’07. Not since Graduation.”


Neither Kanye nor Censori responded to the man, although West rolled down his car window and sat there for several moments before driving away.

The tense interactions come shortly before the release of Kanye’s joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, Vultures, which will be released in three installments in February, March and April.