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Jadakiss Recalls Suge Knight Using ‘Mafia’ Tactics On Him While Chasing Verse

Jadakiss has claimed that Suge Knight once employed “Mafia” tactics in an effort to secure a verse from him.

Speaking to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, The LOX lyricist opened up about his history with the currently incarcerated founder of Death Row Records.


Kiss began by explaining that he and Suge shared a mutual respect due to the executive’s prior relationship with Ruff Ryders co-founders Joaquin “Waah” and Darin “Dee” Dean.

“But then there was a time where he was popping up everywhere I was at. That shit was crazy,” he continued. “Like, say I had a West Coat trip; I could be anywhere and he’d just be there. It was like somebody was calling him, telling him everywhere I was at.


“I think he was trying to get me on a song, but he was doing it a little weird. And it never happened anyway. He was better off calling somebody saying, ‘Yo, I need Kiss. I got this much money and this is the song.’ He was really trying to Mafia the verse out of me! But that shit didn’t work.”

Watch his comments at the 48-minute mark below.

Jadakiss previously revealed that Suge Knight once attempted to sign The LOX to Death Row before they joined Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records in the ’90s.

The Yonkers native said he, Styles P and Sheek Louch once received a call from the mogul when they were still teenagers.


“It’s Suge Knight. ‘I hear Puffy wants to sign y’all.’ This that and the third. ‘I got tickets for y’all to get on the redeye tonight with however many people y’all want. We want you to fly to L.A. to sign to Death Row.’ That was crazy,” he recalled during an interview with Hot 97.

While Kiss said things turned out for the best, he did admit the group would have loved some Dr. Dre production.

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“The LOX probably woulda never panned out to where we turned out to be if we woulda went over there,” he admitted. “We woulda had some [production from Dr.] Dre, though. We woulda had some vintage Dre back then. Could you imagine hearing young Kiss on Dre?”

The story was later backed up by Styles P, but he said it “didn’t make sense” to sign with Suge when he approached them.


Styles also revealed during the same interview that Knight once attempted to sign their Ruff Ryders running mate DMX.

“Before X signed to Def Jam, he was on the market, and pretty much everyone wanted to sign him, like the whole industry really,” he reflected.