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hypernaut Delivers High Energy Bass House Single “promise”

David Stefanowicz, the accomplished producer behind hypernaut, has seamlessly transitioned through diverse musical genres over the past decade, from indie rock to pop punk, establishing a unique presence in the electronic dance music scene.

The genesis of his new single “promise” traces back to a transformative moment inspired by Sammy Virji’s DJ Mag set in August 2023. This encounter led Stefanowicz to delve into UK Garage, Bassline, UK Bass, resulting in a creative fusion within his music. Set at 135BPM and crafted in Ableton, “promise” merges Bass House, Tech House, and UK Garage, showcasing a raw and organic creative process.

The track quickly gained acclaim among fellow producers, prompting Stefanowicz to submit “promise” to the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project. Winning the contest, judged by Dillion Francis, marked a breakthrough, affirming hypernaut’s intuitive musical direction and solidifying his dream of performing at EDC Orlando. “promise” is not just a track; it symbolizes hypernaut’s growth, promising innovation, resilience, and an exhilarating future in the electronic dance music realm.

Listen below!