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Finesse2Tymes Defends Reusing Verse After Being Called Out: ‘I Could Do What I Want To Do’

Finesse2Tymes has issued a response after being called out for recycling a verse on a paid feature.

Talking to fans on Instagram Live on Monday (January 22), the Memphis rapper explained that the artist who called him out – Atlanta-based rapper TG Kommas – didn’t “clear” the song so it was free rein.


“You can’t get mad if I wanna sell my product to somebody else that you ain’t paid for,” Finesse said. “If you ain’t paid for it and he paid for it — he paid to get it cleared — I can do what I wanna do with my verse. How you gon’ tell me what I can and can’t do with my verse? When you go buy a verse, every rapper, every independent rapper, every up and coming rapper — you know I fuck wit y’all. Everybody that know me know I fuck with them. I work with budgets and everything. I might want 50-60 [thousand] for a verse. You from the streets, I might tell you give me 30.”

He continued: “You know I fuck with real street n-ggas. But this also a business, right? This a business so if you gon’ come get you a verse and a video, you gotta make sure you take care of the business side too. You can’t just do the verse and the video and think, ‘I’ma put it out!’ That ain’t how it go. You gotta pay for the clearance too. You can’t just put the video and the song out.


“So basically if you don’t pay for the clearance, you really can’t even put it out. You have to clear the song. You can’t even make money off the song. You have to get it cleared and you have to pay for that. So when you go speaking…, have your facts together. Have your business together.”

The issue first came to light earlier this month in a video TG Kommas made.

“Do not spend your money with these bitch-ass n-ggas, mane, because they will do some funky, bitch-ass shit and then act like they’re so business,” he began.

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Kommas’ video then cut to two separate songs featuring almost identical verses from Finesse2Tymes — one, his own, called “Can’t Pay For It,” and another called “All I Want,” a Finesse collaboration with the rapper Fastmoney Ant that was released months later.

“Oh my God, you one-verse-having-ass, bitch-ass n-gga!” Kommas continued. “At first I was like, ‘Maybe he was loaded and made a mistake and redid my shit.’ No, bitch-ass n-gga. You changed one line on that bitch! Stop playing with me, man!”


TG appears to have since deleted his collaboration with Finesse2Tymes from YouTube.

Finesse first replied on his Instagram Story at the time: “Carry on wit ya hating n diss’n. That shyt free promo,” before issuing his full response above.