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Bam Margera And New Fiancee Dannii Marie Inked By Mike Quinn At Silverstone Entertainment

Bam Margera And New Fiancee Dannii Marie Inked By Mike Quinn At Silverstone Entertainment

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Silverstone Entertainment USA is proud to announce the signing of a groundbreaking multi-year management deal with the iconic TV, film star and pro skateboarder, Bam Margera and fiancée, the accomplished swimsuit model, Dannii Marie. Spearheaded by the vision of Silverstone head Mike Quinn, this collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the entertainment industry for Margera and his future wife.
“Quinn, known for his adept behind-the-scenes entertainment management skills, including a keen eye for developing and building high-profile talent, is set to bring his expertise to the table to steer the careers of Bam and Dannii to new levels. The Silverstone deal includes new business as an integral part of the comprehensive relaunch of the Bam Margera and the new Dannii and Bam, Vampire Mermaid worldwide brands.”

Bam Margera, the MTV ‘Viva La Bam’ star and creator, is a household name with unparalleled charisma and a trailblazing career, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From his breakout role in the acclaimed MTV series ‘Jackass’ to his successful and extensive list of shows built around him on MTV Networks, and his venture into filmmaking with the ‘Jackass: The Movie’ franchise, Bam has consistently captivated audiences worldwide with his unique blend of wit and comedy in action, combined with daring stunts.

Over the years, Margera’s star power has transcended from the young, untouchable-styled skateboard pro and ‘CKY’ show star to the small screen and beyond, as evidenced by his forays into television, film, fashion, music, and art. His innate ability to connect with audiences has translated into an enduring brand that continues to evolve.

The multi-faceted Dannii Marie, a star in the modeling world, brings her own brand of charm and high sophistication to the partnership of love in her engagement to Margera. With a successful career as a swimsuit model, fitness and flexibility coach, as well as a dietary coach, Dannii has graced the pages of prestigious publications and established herself as a sought-after figure in the industry.

Dannii is a certified strength and conditioning coach with expertise in various training modalities. She’s also a dedicated animal rights advocate actively involved in rescue efforts.

She’s Miss Golden Beach Fitness 2021 and achieved Top 5 rankings at Miss Bikini US-International and Maxims Finest in 2017 and 2019. With experience at prestigious fashion weeks and roots in Charleston, SC, Dannii is a multifaceted talent.

Her interests extend to animal rights law, and actively volunteers and collaborates with Jen Sims to rescue abused and neglected dogs on Skid Row in Los Angeles and Palm Beach County.

The newly formed alliance with Silverstone Worldwide is poised to capitalize on the collective strengths of this dynamic trio. Mike Quinn’s strategic guidance in career and business will play a pivotal role in elevating both Bam Margera and Dannii Marie as they embark on this fresh journey together. Silverstone and Quinn are opening doors for anyone who fits.

“The collaboration between Silverstone, cultural icon Bam Margera, and fiancée Dannii Marie represents an exciting chapter in the industry for all of us. They are a dynamic couple with strong work ethics and are truly unstoppable together. We are committed to leveraging our collective strengths to maximize the potential of the long-time iconic brand and the new power couple. Bam is an artistically creative mind, a one-of-a-kind talent like a rare gem; we recognize this in every way. He has truly become a highly notable cultural fixture globally, representing true brand staying power, and we are proud to work with this happy couple,” said Mike Quinn.”

As part of the launch/relaunch strategy, fans can anticipate waves of new content, products, licensing acquisitions, new music, music artist collaborations, exclusive canvas art, radio broadcasting, social media, commercial endorsements, personal appearances, entertainment technology, municipal and private skatepark design, and a fresh take on TV & film projects that showcase the multifaceted talents of both Bam Margera and the undeniable allure of Dannii Marie.

The undisclosed financial deal is a testament to the commitment of all parties involved in nurturing and expanding the Bam Margera and Dannii Marie brand lines. The Silverstone strategic management partnership will reflect the shared vision of creating impactful, innovative, and entertaining content that resonates with worldwide audiences.