Sharon Osbourne Admits to Having a ‘Terrible’ Facelift That Left Her Looking Like a ‘Cyclops’: ‘It Was the Worst’

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OK Magazine

Sharon Osbourne is an open book — even when it comes to plastic surgery! In a clip from the infamous family’s upcoming project “The Osbournes Podcast,” the matriarch got extremely honest about the worst plastic surgery procedure she’s ever had done and how awful it made her feel about her appearance. In the small preview, Sharon’s son, Jack Osbourne, jokingly referred to the work his mother had done to the upkeep of a vehicle. “I thought you had, like, a two or three-year tuneup,” the 37-year-old sarcastically told his mother. “Every 5,000 miles, mom goes in for a tune-up.” In response to Jack…

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