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Davey Havok Turns Unkempt Lockdown Look Photo Into His First NFT

AFI frontman Davey Havok is the latest artist to get in on the NFT craze, making a photo collaboration with photographer Nedda Afsari his first ever NFT.

The photo is titled “A Strange Year: Day 293” and it captures Havok with a look fans may not be expecting. With time on his hands and nowhere to go, Havok let his hair grow out and he’s sporting a full-fledged mustache. The rare yet stylishly unkempt looking photo is now up for bid via the NFT auction site Ephimera at this location.

The shot itself features the red-hued Havok sitting in a chair outdoors. The singer remarked, “As night turned backward, I peered from the glow of a red past, never lived.”

Davey Havok, “A Strange Year: Day 293”

Photo by Nedda Afsari

“When quarantine hit, we had to come up with different ways to express ourselves in isolation,” Afsari explains. “Dave approached me with the idea of documenting him in his personal space, untethered. Meaning, Dave in his unkempt environment.”

“After having first shot with Nedda, I longed to get back in front of her lens,” adds Havok. “Before I could, the pandemic hit, and without safe beautification options, I fell into disarray. My hair went uncut for months. My mustache grew serpentine and obscene. Needless to say, I needed documentation.”

He continues, “Thankfully, Nedda was ready for the sordid task. Amidst the quiescence of my home, she captured me at, what traditionally would be construed as, my most masculine. What I call my ’70’s porn coke dealer moment’ felt too sensational for the archives. The photos were just too alluring. Thus, another excuse to work with Nedda was born. I asked if she’d consider doing a third shoot to document the post-porn look, suggesting we combine three starkly different shoots, capturing varied versions of myself, into a single show: A Strange Year.”

To make an offer on this NFT, head to

The Havok NFT arrival comes as the singer is just about to release a new album with his band. The group has been previewing tracks for a good portion of the year with the new AFI album Bodies set to arrive on June 11.

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