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Yung Bleu Checks Himself & Apologizes To Coi Leray

The announcement of the nominations for the 2021 BET Awards caused a bit of drama between two of Hip Hop’s brightest new stars. Coi Leray was nominated for Best New Artist, but shockingly enough, Yung Bleu was left off the list.

The Alabama rapper took to social media and many thought he took aim at Coi Leray. It didn’t help the situation when Leray defended herself in a tweet leading many fans to believe she was clapping back at Bleu. But it seems like social media was the culprit behind this alleged “beef” as both young artists cleared the air.

“BLEU.. I’m not talking about you,” Leray tweeted. “That tweet was strictly for the troll ass people I deal with. You one of the most talented people I met and I’ll never come on any social platform and disrespect you, I love you as a person and an artist regardless of anything!”

Bleu reshared her tweet with a post on Instagram giving the “No More Parties” rapper equal praise.

“I apologize,” Bleu wrote in the caption of his post. “U a sweet person and we always embraced each other since day 1. My post def wasn’t a diss to u or your accomplishments u talented as hell ! ! Both of us got much more to come u like my LIl cry baby sister we always fighting Lol ! It’s was a big lack of communication none but positive vibes tho I wanna see you have more success. Dnt let nobody tell u different hommie.”

Coi Leray Defends BET Awards Nominations From Yung Bleu Rant

Fans were admired by their peaceful resolution, highlighting the maturity both rappers exuded with the situation. Hopefully, they can come together for a future collaboration as they’re some of the best out of the new generation of artists.