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T.I. & Tiny Emerge Unscathed Against Las Vegas Sexual Abuse Allegations

Sexual abuse allegations have been mounting against T.I. and Tiny but the couple have reportedly emerged unscathed in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, a woman claimed she was drugged and sexually assaulted after meeting Tiny at the airport and being invited to hang out with the couple, but the case has been closed due to it falling outside the statute of limitations. The alleged incident took place in 2010 and was just reported to the Las Vegas Metropolitan PD this month.

The LAPD are also investigating the couple after allegedly drugging and sexually assaulted a woman in 2005. According to a police report, the Los Angeles accuser says she met the couple at a club when she accepted a drink from Tiny. She told detectives she was then invited back to their hotel with two other women, but it ended up being just her and the couple.

The woman claims T.I. and Tiny persuaded her to take a shower with them, with T.I. then leading her to the bed, turning on a porn video and asking her to rub oil on him. She says Tiny joined in and T.I. then came from behind and stuck his toes in her vagina. When T.I. allegedly went to get a condom, she said she felt sick and went to the bathroom to throw up, but claims she blacked out and woke up in the morning with a sore vagina and burning sensation.

In January, T.I. posted a video to Instagram after denying allegations of drugging, trafficking and sexually abusing women.

“So as y’all could probably guess or imagine, it’s been extremely difficult for me to remain quiet in light of all the things that have transpired and all of the egregious allegations that’s been tossed around about me and my wife,” he said. “But it’s a reason for that, and I don’t mind sharing it. You see, if a person does not have any right to criminally or civilly have you in court, the best thing they can do is get you for defamation – a defamation suit.”

He continued, “Unfortunately right now, it doesn’t matter as much what they can prove you did. It matters what you can prove you didn’t. And that’s just an unfortunate place that our society has made it to. But I wanna be clear about one thing – women who have been victimized deserve to be heard. Black women in particular should be supported, protected, defended and uplifted. However, evil has no gender! … I would never treat a woman the way I treat a threat. That has to be distinguished.”