Sun Broadcast Group Teams With Radio Animal Media To Launch 'Funny Feelings With Scotty'


Now Available

SUN BROADCAST GROUP, RADIO ANIMAL MEDIA CONSULTING’s DOM THEODORE and comedian SCOTTY GUNTHER have launched a new syndicated show,”FUNNY FEELINGS WITH SCOTTY”. Host SCOTTY GUNTHER, a comedian, author, speaker and air personality and THEODORE teamed to create the show that blends relationship humor, advice and hit music.

THEODORE commented, “After tinkering for two years in the RADIO ANIMAL LABS, we’ve combined SCOTTY’s lifelong obsession for finding humor in love and relationships with only playing the hits…forming this different style of radio content.”

SOTTY, who previously hosted afternoons at WKST/PITTSBURGH, and mornings at WIOG and WTCF/SAGINAW, MI, states, “FUNNY FEELINGS is a fast, humorous, distinctive program, and terrestrial radio is still the best place for mass-appeal, call-in entertainment, where self-involved individuals and narcissists get preferential treatment. People love to talk about themselves and the audience, and I like to listen to people’s relationship problems with no judgement or shame. Who are we kidding? We’re gonna judge and shame you…but it’s going to be hilarious!”

SUN BROADCAST GROUP Chief Development Officer RICH O’BRIEN added, “We strive to find exciting and engaging content for our clients and listeners, and after such a serious, news-heavy year, SUN BROADCAST GROUP is excited to team up with SCOTTY and DOM for this unique show centered on making the audience laugh.”

For more information, check the show page here, or contact RICH O’BRIEN at (212) 380-9338.

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