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Olivia Rodrigo Is ‘So Happy’ After ‘Good 4 U’ Becomes Her Second Hot 100 No. 1

“Good 4 U” music video director Petra Collins, who’s helmed many visuals for Selena Gomez, commented, “!!! Duh,” while Conan Gray cleverly quoted her latest chart topper, “as the legendary olivia rodrigo once said, good 4 u bestie.”

Dan Nigro, who co-wrote “Good 4 U” and produced all of Sour, also shared the Hot 100 graphic and a screenshot of a three-way celebratory FaceTime call with Rodrigo and singer-producer Alexander 23. “Holy Sh–!!! Good 4 U just debuted at #1. So thankful to be able to make music with such close friends…. and thankful to the amazing team surrounding us that kept pushing us to make this song better!” he captioned the images on his IG. Alexander 23 shared the same FaceTime screenshot on his Story and later wrote while reposting Rodrigo’s post, “lucky i get to make music with my friends. lucky my friends also happen to be the best in the world at making music!!”

See her celebratory post below.