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Musician Covers Sleep While Balancing on Motorcycle + Unicycle

It takes a certain amount of concentration to cover Sleep‘s “Dragonaut.” Now imagine trying to add the extra distraction of trying to balance on a motorcycle or a unicycle and that’s what you’ve got in this video from a multi-instrumentalist named Bassil.

Apparently the musician has a fondness for playing covers or original tracks while balancing on things and a video posted late in March has been making the rounds online featuring Bassil first jumping his motorcycle onto a large amp and balancing on the motorcycle during the intro.

The action then jumps to a studio for the rest of the performance with Bassil playing all of the instruments but choosing to roll back and forth on his unicycle while rocking the killer bass lines of the Sleep favorite. And apparently he’s pretty locked in on what he’s doing as he nonchalantly smokes his pipe while playing and balancing as well.

“Dragonaut” was first introduced to Sleep fans on their 1992 album, Sleep’s Holy Mountain.

Bassil is still fairly new to social media, taking his balancing act to Instagram. So check out some of his unique covers.

Bassil Cover Sleep’s “Dragonaut” While Balancing on Motorcycle + Unicycle

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