‘Mashed Potatoes: Covid, Cancer & Comfort Food’ – The Newest Book From Dwight C. Douglas


Some Tasty Reading – Available, Now

Highly successful and noted radio programmer and former RCS executive DWIGHT C. DOUGLAS is back with his sixth exciting book, “MASHED POTATOES: COVID, CANCER & COMFORT FOOD” which is available TODAY (5/20) in coordination with his publisher KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING. The print version surfaces by tomorrow (5/21).

DOUGLAS told ALL ACCESS, “We knew that the great divide in AMERICA would have a major effect on the presidential election in the year 2020, but something else was lurking that we didn’t anticipate. 

“The world suffered a global pandemic of COVID-19, and everything changed. The lockdown motivated one author to write MASHED POTATOES: COVID, CANCER & COMFORT FOOD. The cover ironically claims the book is a ‘humorous’  recollection of 2020, but one might ask, ‘Where was the humor?’ This is a work of survival to motivate those who desire to get beyond COVID-19, beat cancer and defend our precious Democracy.  

“The world got COVID, the writer got cancer and we all ate copious amounts of comfort food. It’s time to swallow the truth, survive the madness, take a large spoon and savor some delicious MASHED POTATOES.”

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