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Lil Baby Looks To Extend Impressive Collaboration Run With Travis Scott

For a rapper to establish themselves as one of the best in the industry, they have to show their dominance with the collaborations that come their way. Lil Baby is currently on an impressive feature run following his breakout year in 2020, and it looks like he’s looking to keep this streak going. 

Over the weekend, a clip of Lil Baby in the studio with Travis Scott made its rounds on social media. Fans can see Scott adjusting something on the computer with a blunt in hand while Lil Baby locks in on what’s happening on the screen. 

Lil Baby and Travis Scott’s first collaboration came on La Flame’s “Hottest In The Room (Remix)” with Spanish singer Rosalía. Although it didn’t have as much success as the original, “Hottest In The Room (Remix)” excited fans of both rappers and leaves them hoping for another solid song between them.  

Travis Scott isn’t the only artist that linked up with Lil Baby to drop new music. The Atlanta rapper has a collaborative album with Lil Durk titled Voice of the Heroes that was slated to drop on May 28, but the two rappers moved the release date back to June 4. The move was done to honor DMX’s posthumous Exodus album, which drops on Friday (May 28).

Lil Baby & Lil Durk Reveal Joint Album Release Date

“When it comes to that street shit, that hood – we the voices and the heroes of this shit,” Lil Baby told MTV News of Voice of the Heroes. “Like, kids look at us like heroes. I know they look at me like one and Durk too, like, ‘That n-gga been holding it down for a minute.’”

He continued, “We got songs where we just bars, we got songs where we got the vibe, we got songs with other people that’s just remakes of other songs. It’s gonna be one of the craziest albums to ever come out … We got more than one album recorded. We’ve been locked in with each other. This shit easy.”