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Kevin Gates Trends After Ugandan Singer Kicks Fan Who Grabbed Her Private Parts During Concert

Kevin Gates has been flying under the radar as of late, but he became a trending Twitter topic on Sunday (May 16) after a clip of Ugandan singer Vinka went viral.

In the video, Vinka is performing on a South Sudan stage in a red leotard and black stockings when a man in the crowd attempts to grab her private parts. She immediately starts kicking the man until he’s no longer a threat to her.

Not long after the clip made the rounds, comparisons between Kevin Gates and Vinka’s conduct began popping up left and right on Twitter. In October 2016, Gates was found guilty of battery in Polk County, Florida for kicking a female fan during a Lakeland concert the previous year. According to Gates, the woman was attempting to paw at his penis, which he didn’t appreciate.

Nonetheless, a judge sentenced Gates to 180 days in Polk County jail, with credit for any time served, and fines and court costs. He was convicted by a jury of six women after one day of testimony.

The alleged victim, Miranda Dixon, admitted to tugging on Gates’ pants during the Rumor’s Night Club concert in August 2015 but maintained in court, “I was trying to get his attention for my friend.”

Speaking to Complex at the time, Gates explained, “Life is about conduct and how we conduct ourselves, but two wrongs never make a right. But I’ll say this, I’ll use Nicki Minaj again ’cause people tell me that women love her and people love her: If I was to go front row while she was on stage performing and stick my finger in her pussy, and she kicked me in the mouth and knocked one of my gold teeth out, I would be wrong.

“I would be wrong for that, and that’s all I’ll say. To touch someone’s genitals without their consent is a sexual battery. To touch someone without their consent is a simple battery.”

Gates also dropped a track about the incident called “The Truth” in which he stuck with his story. After serving his time, Gates was released in March 2017 and put the unfortunate circumstance behind him. But Twitter was happy to resurrect the ordeal after it appeared Vinka wouldn’t face any consequences for her actions.

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