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Jason Isbell Raising Daughter on Max Cavelera-Era Sepultura

It’s always great when parents pass down their love of metal to the next generation of children, and sometimes that transaction may come from a source that’s not so obvious. While on Twitter, alt-country superstar Jason Isbell revealed that his 5-year-old daughter’s new musical obsession is Max Cavalera-era Sepultura music.

“Our 5 year old daughter is way into Cavalera-era Sepultura right now and I’m really proud,” beamed Isbell, later adding, “Sure does make for a joyful bath time.”

While Isbell did not reveal his child’s favorite album or song, there are six great records from the Cavalera-era of Sepultura to choose from include the singer’s hugely influential swan song during his time with the band, 1996’s Roots.

Isbell’s tweets then drew the attention of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea who tweeted a series of “devil horns” emojis and revealed to Isbell that he used to crank Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” on blast and danced like a wildebeest to get his daughter to get his daughter to go to sleep.

The conversation also elicited a response from ’90s jazz and AC hitmaker Curtis Stigers who offered this piece of advice: “Make sure your little headbanger wears a helmet.”

While you might not expect to find a more odd trio than Isbell, Flea and Stigers discussing Sepultura, Isbell’s love for metal has probably been tipped to fans through his own music, with the Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit track “Chaos and Clothes” referencing “black metal T-shirts.”

And while Isbell plies his talents in the alt-country world, he’s not been averse to showing a heavier side. He appears on lead guitar on Frank Turner‘s new song “The Gathering,” with Turner recently sheepishly revealing, “He’s playing a solo that I’m never ever going to be able to play live.”

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