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Houston Crip Claims Mo3 Killed 2 People As New Murder Details Are Uncovered

Dallas, TX – BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper Mo3 was gunned down on a Dallas highway last November, just days after King Von was murdered in Atlanta. But it sounds like there’s a lot more to the story that’s only now being brought to light.

In September 2020, Mo3 was reportedly involved in a shootout outside of an adult entertainment club in Houston called VLive Bar Lounge, leaving two people injured. Detective Angel Graff told ABC13 at the time the suspects started shooting at the 28-year-old rapper as soon as he pulled up around 3:30 a.m. local time.

But according to Houston Crip FDA, Mo3 actually killed two people at the club. During an interview with High Thoughts TV, FDA says, “He killed two people in Houston. Yeah, at VLive. They tried to kill him at VLive.”

On Tuesday (May 18), Say Cheese posted an interview with knowledgeable Houston vlogger Charleston White after video footage of Mo3 attempting to grab a gun under his glove compartment leaked.

“He had a stash spot in his car where he keep his pistol and he couldn’t get to it,” he said. “As y’all saw the video homie, shit, he went out to try to go get it — got out the car and tried to go get it, he just didn’t have time. If you livin’ that life and you rappin’ about it and you know you got rap beef, I’d rather be caught with it, than without it.”

White added the gun should’ve been in Mo3’s lap instead of in a stash spot but maintains he “went out like a real G.” He also thinks Mo3 was “caught slippin’” and was typically the one doing the shooting.

“When you the n-gga that be doing all the shootin’ and you hardly getting shot at, then you lax,” he said. “But you ain’t never going to catch mine in the stash spot and I’m out on three bonds. Mine gonna be in my lap.”

The interviewer then points out people commenting on the leaked footage thought Mo3 should’ve have stayed in the car.

“Man, fuck them people,” he says. “Ain’t not one of those muthafuckas ever die. They don’t know what the fuck to do before they die. That’s just like sitting back and telling Tom Brady what he should’ve done at 4th and 2 in the Super Bowl. How’s a muthafucka sitting back coaching a n-gga’s death, telling ’em what to do? Man, fuck them. That’s them people playin’ video games.”

Mo3’s murder was reportedly motivated by jealously. Last month, the Dallas News reported Devin Brown, who was already in custody by the time suspect Kewon White was arrested, told police he was aware Mo3 was dating “a known witness” and got upset over a Facebook video involving the late rapper, however he denied being involved in the shooting.

Watch the leaked footage below.