Did Matty Siegel Just Sign-Off At WXKS (Kiss 108)/Boston — And Has He Already Reversed That Decision?


Matt Siegel

Rumors are flying, and the BOSTON HERALD is reporting, that iHEARTMEDIA Top 40 WXKS (KISS 108)/BOSTON morning icon MATT SIEGEL, who has been doing mornings since 1981, may have signed off the air, for good as of this morning (5/19). But has he now had a change of mind?

THE BOSTON HERALD reported, “Longtime radio host MATT SIEGEL signaled he may have left the airwaves for good WEDNESDAY (5/19) after an on-air rant he delivered to listeners of his KISS 108 ‘MATTY IN THE MORNING’ radio show.

“I am the biggest of all time, and they said, ‘Shut up MATT – stop talking.’ Well, I hope you’re happy,  because I just stopped talking. MATTY out,” he said on air.

SIEGEL had been addressing DEMI LOVATO’s public announcement about identifying as a non-binary person, and made reference to a conversation with iHEARTMEDIA management.

The HERALD reported that SIEGEL said on the air, “They pulled the plug on me and they said, ‘You cannot talk about what you’re talking about.’ I like my boss personally, he’s very nice to me. It’s not personal, it’s professional.

“I can’t do what I just want to do, which is be a funny comic who tells it like it is about what he’s thinking, so I’m ending my portion of the radio show right now.

“Listeners, I love you, and it’s been a hell of a run. But I think it’s coming to an end,” SIEGEL added. 

Matty May Be Coming Back, After All

Meanwhile, SIEGEL, who came out against LOVATO’s position, told BOSTON.COM “I’m against her binary thing; I think she’s a troubled woman and a lot of young people are taking her seriously and it bothers me. But of course, it’s a comedy show, so I did it in the context of jokes.”

SIEGEL also told BOSTON.COM that after long conversations with his superiors, he believes that despite what he said on air this morning, he will remain with the station. 

ALL ACCESS has contacted WXKS for comment as well.

Here is what was recorded and posted on TWITTER which lead to the earlier speculation about SIEGEL quitting.

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