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Billboard and NYU ‘Music Industry Essentials’ Educational Program Hosts Free Info Session

Wondering if the Music Industry Essentials course from NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and Billboard, powered by Yellowbrick, is right for you? If so, you can join a live Zoom call this afternoon to hear from a student currently enrolled in the course and see all that the course has to offer, as well as what her personal experience has been like. Listeners will have an opportunity to ask questions in real time and will be better equipped with the information to decide if the program is something they’re interested in pursuing.

The six-course, 20-hour plus program strives to give prospective students the tools to build the foundation of a successful career in the industry. In addition to learning extensively about several different aspects inside the world of music — including the evolution of recorded music, streaming rights and fan engagement — participants of the course are also privy to insider information from well-established experts from across the industry. Such experts include Kerry Gordy, Stevie Mackey, Ryan Leslie and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, as well as staffers at Billboard and professors at NYU.