‘Women Behind The Mic’ Launches Weekly Clubhouse Discussion


Clubhouse Discussions Wednesdays at 5p (PT)/8p (ET)

WOMEN BEHIND THE MIC has launched a weekly CLUBHOUSE panel and discussion series for women (and men) in all aspects of media. They take place every WEDNESDAY at 5p (PT)/8p (ET). LISA ADAMS, 30 year broadcast vet,  creator of the group and panel host, designed the sessions to be a supportive, uncensored space for ambitious creatives to network, workshop ideas and engage in constructive conversation. It’s meant to challenge the panel with media questions, and to set goals and weaponize mutual power. 

While designed for women, the panel has so far had several male guests as well, and has featured talent like HEATHER LEE, MOLLIE KENDRICK. KIM MONROE and MC MEDIA’s CHARESE FRUGE’. The wide-ranging topics of discussion have included social media, expanding the brand, surviving the pandemic, life after radio and more.

Join the group WOMEN BEHIND THE MIC on CLUBHOUSE, or for more information reach out to ADAMS at

                                                                  Lisa Adams, Women Behind The Mic Host 

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