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Madi Releases Empowering Anthem “%”

Madi just released her debut album, Forsaken, last year but she’s already back with her second single of 2021 and it’s a fierce, empowering anthem to women everywhere.

Filled with gritty synths and a confidence-laden vocal performance, Madi takes no prisoners in speaking her mind about putting herself first when others only want to take and take.

“Time and time again I’ve helped boys become ‘better’ boys at the expense of my own health. It turns out that I was only really meant to be a part of their life for their own character development, and so I was only really met with sour thank you’s and cheap breakup excuses… Life’s too short to stay bitter though, so naturally, I choose to write an aggressive song about it instead.” – Madi

Check it out below!

Photo via Jennica Mae Abrams