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TONY SAUNDERS – Sexy Somethin
When the great Duke Ellington wanted to praise someone, he would grant that person his signature phrase “Beyond Category.” Well, Mr. Ellington’s expression, comes the closest in describing bass and synthesizer artist Tony Saunders.
His latest album,”Sexy Somethin” leaves a lasting impression and arouses deep emotion and feeling from the very first track to the very last! His first single off of that CD, “Rock Steady” is a seductive “Saunders’ Spin” on the 1987 hit by The Whispers.

VANN BURCHFIELD – Keep Pressing On
Though he has been a multi-faced independent force in the smooth jazz realm since his 2007 debut album Par For the Course, saxophonist Vann Burchfield has for the last two decades also been known for a unique earlier musical accomplishment.
Back in 2000, the Alabama bred artist caused a stir in the sax world by setting a new Guinness world record for circular breathing, holding one continuous note for 47 minutes, six seconds.

A graduate of Kent State University where he studied music, tenor-saxophonist Matthew Alec was a founding member of the soul and funk band Winslow, playing with the group for 12 years. In 2017 he formed Matthew Alec and the Soul Electric, a sextet which also includes keyboardist-singer Brian Woods, guitarist-singer Steven Forrest Sanders, bassist Jared Lees, drummer Leon Henault, and percussionist Jeremiah Hawkins.
The band defies easy musical categorization, gliding easily between modern jazz, r&b and funk.

KARAMACODA – Make Me The One
“Make Me The One,” the ultra-emotional, mystically ambient and super sultry lead single from Karmacoda’s upcoming provocatively titled full length album Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire, marks a special anniversary for the San Francisco based trio.
On “Make Me the One,” Crockett (known as B.) and Matsuno create the subtle grooves and atmospheres, but the track is ultimately a showcase for Jessica’s rich vocal dynamics, which ease from subtle and silky in the verses to intense and vibrant in the chorus, a romantic plea to be someone’s lover and most trustworthy confidant.

LES SABLER – Tranquility
We were all eagerly waiting for a new album by contemporary jazz guitarist Les Sabler, and once again Sabler and his musical colleagues delivered. The album on New Vista Records is called “Tranquility.” This record is quite appropriately titled, for listening to it gives us a peaceful contentment, an inner calm, and a feeling that “all is right” in this world of music.
Yes, it’s the same masterful Mr. Sabler who has pleased us with his records for many years now, but you’ll hear a different “sounding” guitar artistry by him here. Legendary producer, guitarist, percussionist, composer, and two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown suggested to Les to use his vintage Gibson Johnny Smith model guitar on these recordings.

Evan Carydakis’ infectious, multi-faceted five track EP Groove House is more than his high impact debut in the funky and soulful realms of the smooth jazz genre. For the Melbourne, Australia born and raised, University of New England educated, Tasmania based saxophonist, it’s a full on celebration created to commemorate 25 years since he first performed on stage.
While listeners are certainly invited to enjoy the groove-intensive narrative as Carydakis weaves his punchy powerhouse horn magic from the bubbling old school cool and pocket funk title track through the bustling and bluesy romp “Grand Central,” those seeking a deeper experience will want to immerse a bit in the emotional and inspirational backstory of the project.